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New Release: Hands-on Labs for Microsoft Enterprise Library 4.1

New Release: Hands-on Labs for Microsoft Enterprise Library 4.1

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Hands-on Labs for Microsoft patterns & practices Enterprise Library 4.1 are now available. 

What is Enterprise Library
Microsoft Enterprise Library is a collection of reusable software components ("application blocks") designed to address common cross-cutting concerns for enterprise application development (such as logging, validation, data access, exception handling, and more). Entlib is provided as source code, test cases, and documentation that can be used "as is" or extended, and encapsulates the Microsoft recommended and proven practices for .NET application development.

What's in this Release
Use this set of Hands-on Labs as a guide to learn about the application blocks included with Enterprise Library 4.1 and practice how to leverage their capabilities in various application contexts.

There are also updates of the hands-on labs for the following blocks:

  • Caching Application Block
  • Cryptography Application Block
  • Data Access Application Block
  • Exception Handling Application Block
  • Logging Application Block
  • Security Application Block
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