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PM Skills for Life

PM Skills for Life

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I wrote a post on PM Skills for Life on Sources of Insight.  PM is short for “Program Manager.”  I’ve been a PM for the past several years, and learned a ton along the journey.  I attempted to do a roundup of some of the key skills and how they help with skilled living.  Enjoy!

  • Hi JD - this post was terrific!! Your blog is really a find! And I pretty much spent half my day today reading this blog and more on your wonderful site - Sources of Insight. You totally rock!

    I have a ton of qs to ask you...quite possibly cannot cover this over my blog comment. I wish you were taking mentees in remote locations as well! :-)

    - Anu

  • @ Anu

    Thank you.  

    I'm still working on finding a way to share more lessons learned in a more scalable way.

  • PM means, project manager, program manager, process manager, .... ...

    I really wanna be a Program Manager like you!

  • @ Jack

    PMs where a lot of hats.  It's a little piece of trivia, but one of the ways we've distinguished between program managers and product managers in p&p, is we use PgM for Program Manager and PdM for product manager.

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