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Microsoft Cloud Case Studies at a Glance

Microsoft Cloud Case Studies at a Glance

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Cloud computing is hot.  As customers makes sense of what the Microsoft cloud story means to them, one of the first things they tend to do is look for case studies of the Microsoft cloud platform.  They like to know what their peers, partners, and other peeps are doing.

Internally, I get to see a lot of what our customers are doing across various industries and how they are approaching the cloud behind the scenes.  It’s amazing the kind of transformations that cloud computing brings to the table and makes possible.  Cloud computing is truly blending and connecting business and IT (Information Technology), and it’s great to see the connection.  In terms of patterns, customers are using the cloud to either reduce cost, create new business opportunities and agility, or compete in ways they haven’t been able to before.  One of the most significant things cloud computing does is force people to truly understand what business they are in and what their strategy actually is.

Externally, luckily, we have a great collection of Microsoft cloud case studies available at Windows Azure Case Studies.

I find having case studies of the Microsoft cloud story makes it easy to see patterns and to get a sense of where some things are going.  Here is a summary of some of the case studies available, and a few direct links to some of the studies.

Advertising Industry
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in advertising:

Air Transportation Services
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in air transportation services:

Capital Markets and Securities Industry
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in capital markets and securities:

Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in education:

Employment Placement Agencies
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in employment agencies:

  • OCC Match - Job-listing web site scales up solution, reduces costs by more than U.S. $500,000.

Energy and Environmental Agencies
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in enery and environmental agencies:

  • European Environment Agency (EEA) - Environment agency's pioneering online tools bring revolutionary data to citizens.

Financial Services Industry
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in the financial services industry:

  • eVision Systems - Israeli startup offers cost-effective, scalable procurement system using cloud services.
    Fiserv - Fiserv evaluates cloud technologies as it enhances key financial services offerings.
  • NVoicePay - New company tackles big market with cloud-based B2B payment solution.
  • RiskMetrics - Financial risk-analysis firm enhances capabilities with dynamic computing.

Food Service Industry
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in the food service industry:

  • Outback Steakhouse - Outback Steakhouse boosts guests loyalty with Facebook and Windows Azure.

Government Agencies
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in government agencies:

Healthcare Industry
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in healthcare:

  • Vectorform - Digital design and technology firm supports virtual cancer screening with 3-D viewer.

High Tech and Electronics Manufacturing
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in high tech and electronics manufacturing:

  • 3M - 3M launches Web-based Visual Attention Service to heighten design impact. - http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/Case_Study_Detail.aspx?CaseStudyID=4000005768
  • GXS Trading Grid - Electronic services firm reaches out to new markets with cloud-based solution.
  • iLink Systems - Custom developer reduces development time, cost by 83 percent for Web, PC, mobile target.
  • Microsoft Worldwide Partner Group - Microsoft quickly delivers interactive cloud-based tool to ease partner transition.
  • Sharpcloud - Software startup triples productivity, saves $500,000 with cloud computing solution.
  • Symon Communications - Digital innovator uses cloud computing to expand product line with help from experts.
  • VeriSign - Security firm helps customers create highly secure hosted infrastructure solutions.
  • Xerox - Xerox cloud print solution connects mobile workers to printers around the world.

Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in hosting:

  • Izenda - Hosted business intelligence solution saves companies up to $250,000 in IT support and development costs.
  • Mamut - Hosting provider uses scalable computing to create hybrid backup solution.
  • Metastorm - Partner opens new market segments with cloud-based business process solution.
  • Qlogitek - Supply chain integrator relies on Microsoft platform to facilitate $20 billion in business.
  • SpeechCycle - Next generation contact center solution uses cloud to deliver software-plus-services.
  • TBS Mobility - Mobility software provider opens new markets with software-plus-services.

Insurance Industry
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in the insurance industry:

IT Services
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in IT services:

  • BEDIN Shop Systems - Luxury goods retailer gains point-of-sale solution in minutes with cloud-based system. - http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/Case_Study_Detail.aspx?CaseStudyID=4000008195
  • Broad Reach Mobility - Firm streamlines field-service tasks with cloud solution. - http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/Windows-Azure/Broad-Reach-Mobility/Firm-Streamlines-Field-Service-Tasks-with-Cloud-Solution/4000008493
  • Codit - Solution provider streamlines B2B connections using cloud services. - http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/Microsoft-BizTalk-Server/Codit/Solution-Provider-Streamlines-B2B-Connections-Using-Cloud-Services/4000008528
  • Cumulux - Software developer focuses on innovation, extends cloud services value for customers. - http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/Case_Study_Detail.aspx?CaseStudyID=4000007947
  • eCraft - IT firm links web applications to powerful business management software.
  • EdisonWeb - Web firm saves $30,000 annually, expands global growth with cloud database service.
  • Epicor - Software developer saves money, enhances application with Internet-based platform.
  • ESRI - GIS provider lowers cost of customer entry, opens new markets with hosted services.
  • Formotus - Forms automation company uses cloud storage to lower mobile data access costs.
  • FullArmor - FullArmor PolicyPortal Technical Brief: A Windows Azure/Software-plus-Services Solution
  • Gcommerce - Service provider transforms special-order process with a hybrid cloud and on-premises inventory solution.
  • GoGrid - Hosting provider extends service offerings, attracts customers with "cloud" platform.
  • Guppers - Mobile data services quickly and cost-effectively scale with cloud services solution.
  • HCL Technologies - IT firm delivers carbon-data management in the cloud, lowers barriers for customers.
  • HubOne - Australian development firm grows business exponentially with cloud services.
  • IMPACTA - IT security firm delivers low cost, high protection with online file transfer service.
  • Infosys - Infosys creates cloud-based solution for auto dealers using SQL data services.
  • InterGrid GreenButton - GreenButton super computing power in the cloud.
  • InterGrid - Software developers offer quick processing of compute-heavy tasks with cloud services.
  • ISHIR Infotech - IT company attracts new customers at minimal cost with cloud computing solution.
  • K2 - Software firm moves business processes and line-of-business data into the cloud.
  • Kelly Street Digital - Digital marketing startup switches cloud providers and saves $4,200 monthly.
  • Kompas Xnet - IT integrator delivers high-availability website at lower cost with online services.
  • LINQPad - Software developers gain the ease of LINQ data queries to compelling cloud content.
  • Meridium - Asset performance management solution increases performance and interoperability.
  • metaSapiens - ISV optimizes data browsing tool for online data, expects to enter global marketplace.
  • Microsoft - Microsoft IT moves auction tool to the cloud, makes it easier for employees to donate.
  • NeoGeo New Media - Digital media asset management solution gains scalability with SQL Data Services.
  • Paladin Data Systems - Software provider reduces operating costs with cloud-based solution.
  • Persistent Systems - Software services provider delivers cost-effective e-government solution.
  • Propelware - Intuit integration provider reduces development time, cost by 50 percent.
  • Quilink - Innovative technology startup creates contact search solution, gains global potential.
  • Siemens - Siemens expands software delivery service, significantly reduces TCO.
  • Sitecore - Company builds compelling web experiences in the cloud for multinational organizations.
  • SOASTA - Cloud services help performance-testing firm simulate real-world Internet traffic.
  • Softronic - Firm meets demand for streamlined government solutions using cloud platform.
  • SugarCRM - CRM vendor quickly adapts to new platform, adds global, scalable delivery channel.
  • Synteractive - Solution provider uses cloud technology to create novel social networking software.
  • Transactiv - Software start-up scales for demand without capital expenses by using cloud services.
  • Umbraco - Web content management system provider moves solution to the cloud to expand market.
  • Volantis - Mobile services ISV gains seamless scalability with Windows Azure platform.
  • Wipro - IT services company reduces costs, expands opportunities with new cloud platform.Zitec - IT consultancy saves up to 90
  • percent on relational database costs with cloud services.
  • Zmanda - Software company enriches cloud-based backup solution with structured data storage.

Life Sciences
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in life sciences:

Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in manufacturing:

Media and Entertainment Industry
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in media and entertainment:

  • OriginDigital - Video services provider to reduce transcoding costs up to half.
  • Sir Speedy - Publishing giant creates innovative web based service for small-business market.
  • STATS - Sports data provider saves $1 million on consumer market entry via cloud services.
  • TicketDirect - Ticket seller finds ideal business solution in hosted computing platform.
  • TicTacTi - Advertising company adopts cloud computing, gets 400 percent improvement.
  • Tribune - Tribune transforms business for heightened relevance by embracing cloud computing.
  • VRX Studios - Global photography company transforms business with scalable cloud solution.

Metal Fabrication Industry
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in metal fabrication:

  • ExelGroup - ExelGroup achieves cost reduction and efficiency increase with Soft1 on Windows Azure.

Nonprofit Organizations
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in non-profit organizations:

  • Microsoft Disaster Response Team - Helping governments recover from disasters: Microsoft and partners provide technology and other assistance following natural disasters in Haiti and Pakistan.

Oil and Gas Industry
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in oil and gas:

  • The Information Store (iStore) - Solution developer expects to boost efficiency with software-plus-services strategy.

Professional Services
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in professional services:

Publishing Industry
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in publishing:

  • MyWebCareer - Web startup saves $305,000, sees ever-ready scalability—without having to manage IT.

Retail Industry
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in retail:

  • Glympse.com - Location-sharing solution provider gains productivity, agility with hosted services.
    höltl Retail Solutions - German retail solutions firm gains new customers with cloud computing solution.

Software Engineering
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in software:

Telecommunications Industry
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in telecommunications:

  • IntelePeer - Telecommunications firm develops solution to speed on-demand conference calls.
  • SAPO - Portugal telecom subsidiary helps ensure revenue opportunities in the cloud.
  • T-Mobile USA - Mobile operator speeds time-to-market for innovative social networking solution.
  • T-Systems - Telecommunications firm reduces development and deployment time with hosting platform.

Training Industry
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in training:

  • Point8020 - Learning content provider uses cloud platform to enhance content delivery.

Transportation and Logistics Industry
Examples of the Microsoft cloud case studies in transportation:

  • TradeFacilitate - Trade data service scales online solution to global level with "cloud" services model.

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