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  • Blog Post: Security Innovation Security Engineering Study

    The Security Innovation Security Engineering study, Comparing Security in the Application Lifecycle - Microsoft and IBM Development Platforms Compared , is timely, given the emerging industry emphasis on integrating security in the life cycle. My favorite quote in the study is " The patterns &...
  • Blog Post: OpenHack 4 (eWeek Labs): Web Application Security

    Whenever I bring up the OpenHack 4 competition, most aren't ware of it. It was an interesting study because it was effectively an open "hack me with your best shot" competition. I happened to know the folks on the MS side, like Erik Olson and Girish Chander, that helped secure the application, so...
  • Blog Post: @Stake Security Study: .NET 1.1 vs. WebSphere 5.0

    I like competitive studies. I'm usually more interested in the methodology than the outcome. The methodology acts as a blueprint for what's important in a particular problem space. One of my favorite studies was the original @Stake study comparing .NET 1.1 vs. IBM's WebSphere security, not just because...
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