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  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 7 Developer Guidance Map v2.0

    This is an updated Windows Phone 7 Developer Guidance Map.  I’ve updated it to include a map of some of the key resources available from the App Hub Content Catalog .   The App Hub Content Catalog includes several articles, code samples, tutorials, and tools.  For the purposes of...
  • Blog Post: Now Available: Windows 7 Phone Guide

    The patterns & practices Windows Phone 7 Guidance is now available on MSDN.  Learn how to build a Windows Phone 7 application that uses remote services in the cloud.  The guide describes a scenario for Tailspin, a fictitious company, that has decided to use Windows Phone 7 as a client device...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone Scenarios Map

    The Microsoft Windows Phone Scenarios Map is a consolidated and shared view of the common scenarios and tasks developing applications hosted on Windows Phones. You will find Getting Started and Architecture scenarios first, followed by other common areas. Scenarios in each group should represent common...
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