I was bored in SeaTac Airport (my flight got delayed) and so I pulled out my laptop. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but I didn't have any other entertainment options. My brain didn't have the mental energy to be productive, minesweeper wasn't cutting it, and I was regretting not installing at least some decent game on my laptop. But then to my surprise, it was picking up wireless networks! My heart skipped a beat. I got ready to go browse wikipedia and check out the news and blogs, which I figured would be guaranteed to keep me occupied. Not having Civ4 installed on my laptop wouldn't be so bad afterall.

But then the wireless services required members ships and fees. And since I'm cheap frugal, that meant no wireless for me. I ended up getting a coffee and writing up some blog entries (which is why my march blogging activity may be abnormally high).

It sure will be nice when internet connectivity is such a basic part of our infrastructure that it's just "there". Kind of like drinking water fountains.