I've been getting a lot of individual questions (usually via the contact form) about random things I know very little about. Unfortunately, I can't provide everybody the answers I'd like. Lack of time is one thing. But also, I often just don't know the answer. Just because I happen to know some detail about the debugging architecture doesn't mean that I can accurately describe winform's threading model. I only wish!

When it comes to finding answers, here are some additional resources to consider:

1) For MDbg issues, you can email ClrMDbg at Microsoft dot com.
This is an email alias for Mdbg specific issues or feedback.

2) Use the forums!
Shawn talks more about using the forums. Here's a list of all the forums. The forums most related to the content I blog about are:

The forums are great because there's many knowledgeable people around who may be able to answer your question. They also have great RSS support, and so consider subscribing. And if you can answer questions, go on and chip in!
We were actually pondering whether we should start a forum for ICorDebug / MDbg / Profiler issues / etc. We're not sure there's enough interest to justify a forum. Any thoughts?

3) Use MSN Search:
Everybody probably already knows this, but search-engines are extremely valuable. Got an HRESULT you've never seen before? Want to see why an API is failing? Got a strange exception? Search it!

4) Check out other blogs:
There are tons of other CLR bloggers that provide info on other areas. These other blogs are gold mines of information in their area, including Reflection, Security, and the Loader.

5) Microsoft's official support site:
Microsoft has an official support site (http://support.microsoft.com/ ) with more information and contacts for serious problems. Hopefully all of your issues are very simple and can be solved by a short post to a forum.