I got myself a Nintendo DS. It's amazing! It's the first gameboy / handheld gaming device I've ever purchased.

The things I like most about it:

  1. The New Super Marios Bros:  Great software sells a platform. This was the big reason I got one.
  2. The stylus and dual screens. At first I thought this would be a gimmick, but it's a new feature that actually has a great natural fit.
  3. Easy on, easy off. There's no boot time, and it has instant hibernate. I wish my laptop had that!  Technically it's not hibernate since it still drains power and only lasts for a week But practically, a week is long enough to give me chance to recharge it, and so it accomplishes what I want from hibernate, but does it faster.
  4. A lithium ion battery (no AAs), and great battery life.  It boasts a 14 hour life in use; and a week when "hibernated".  Basically, if I plug it in at night, I never have to worry about buying batteries or running out of juice. And not having to worry about things lets me enjoy it more.
  5. "it just works" wireless support. I never thought networking could be truly idiot proof. In my experience with networking, there's usually some DNS thing, router problem, security issue, config issue, etc that goes wrong.
  6. Great form factor. It's small, no sharp edges, and fits in my pocket. I'm a big fan of clamshell design (my phone is a clamshell too).

It just feels like an overall complete solution. It's not only fun, but it's an inspiring feat of engineering.