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June, 2007

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    Optimize for Simplicity

    For a compiler, the common things are code size vs. speed . The conventional wisdom is to optimize for code-size, because that tends to reduce page faults / get better cache usage and thus ultimately be faster. (I've just exhausted my knowledge on...
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    Test what you Ship, Debug what you Test

    Test what you ship . This should be obvious. Debug what you test . When you test, you'll find failures, and you'll need to debug those failures. So you need to be able to debug what you test. Therefore you're going to need to be able to Debug what you...
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    Answer to Number puzzle

    Here are answers + commentary to the number puzzle I posted yesterday, which was, fill in the digits: ABC + DEF GHI OR prove it's impossible. I originally moderated the answers but have now gone back and published them all. My conclusion is that the folks...
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    Number puzzle

    Here's a little number puzzle quiz. Fill in the digits: ABC + DEF GHI Where each letter represents a unique digit between 1 and 9, such that all digits are used exactly once. OR (and this is where it gets interesting...) prove that it's impossible...
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    Out of office

    My wife + I recently had daughter #2. I'm taking time off, and so my participation on the forums and blogging is basically 0 (which is why I'm mentioning it in the first place). I have a few pre-written queued entries, but I don't expect much else in...
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