My wife + I recently had daughter #2. I'm taking time off, and so my participation on the forums and blogging is basically 0 (which is why I'm mentioning it in the first place). I have a few pre-written queued entries, but I don't expect much else in the near term. 

Avid readers may be able to infer that my family can now be represented with MsPaint + default palette as follows:


I generally keep my blog here on the technical side; although various family stories have managed to make the technical bar on occasion (such as Sofie demonstrating race conditions, and Daughter #1 demonstrating state machine operation). 

I guess with 2 kids now, there ought to be plenty more stories. (# of stories should scale supelinear with # of kids/dogs)

One thing that came to mind is that "size is relative". #1 seemed so little (she's ~ 2 years old and about 1/5 my mass).  But now with #2, #1 seems like a giant!