We just released the WebJobs SDK Beta! Some highlights:

  • ServiceBus support!
  • Better configuration options. You can pass in an ITypeLocator to specify which types are indexed, and an INameResolver to resolve %key% tokens in the attributes to values.
  • Cleaner model for Triggering (this is a breaking change … I need to go and update my previous blob entries)

There were some breaking changes , including an attribute rename and  a branding rename.

  • nuget package rename: Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Jobs.Host –> Microsoft.Azure.Jobs
  • nuget package rename: Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Jobs –> Microsoft.Azure.Jobs.Core
  • attribute change: Instead of [BlobInput]/[BlobOutput] attributes, we now have [BlobTrigger] and [Blob]. 
  • attribute change: Instead of  [QueueInput] / [QueueOutput]  have become just [QueueTrigger] and [Queue].

The attribute changes makes it very clear exactly what’s triggering a function. Functions can only have 1 trigger.