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  • Blog Post: Debugger and Versioning link fest

    I've had enough "Debugger + Versioning" posts to go back and create a versioning category. The general overview: Managed Debugging Versioning . This provides the ground rules and key concepts for how managed debugging versioning works. Implications of mixing + matching versions of different debuggees...
  • Blog Post: Blog Category for Func-eval

    I created a blog category for Func-eval (aka Property Evaluation), and I updated some of my old posts to be in this category. And while I'm at it, some other func-eval blog entries: GreggM on Func-eval and Winforms SteveJS on Nested Break States (stopping mid func-eval) Update: Very *Evil* things...
  • Blog Post: MDbg Linkfest

    MDbg is a debugger for managed code written entirely in C# (and IL), which started shipping in the CLR 2.0 SDK. I have so many MDbg posts, that I'm losing track of them. And others have had some good posts too. For my own organization, I need to create an easy way to find all the links (particularly...
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