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  • You're spot on about the similar cost of living in suburbs/towns next to Microsoft. I'm going to make the move to MSFT next year in April, and I was looking around for housing. Imagine to my surprise that they cost almost as much as LA! Did you end up deciding on Kirkland because of cost effectiveness or proximity? What resources did you use to find the house (I'm guessing something more complicated than realtor.com)? I'm just asking so that I can have an idea what other people do before the big move to WA.
  • It is also very realistic, as far as a sci-fi can be :) for example the physics of movement they turn around to stop and sound (or lack of it) in space.
  • This really hit home for me. I'm planning on moving to seattle in August, coming from Las Vegas (the hot box). The weather is a big change, but i'm tired of Las Vegas. I have 3 children and there's nothing out here for them to do. i also feel the Job market is better in Seattle..I really hope it works out for me.
  • Sounds like fun, man! Posts such as these are very motivating for other people who may be wondering if they should try and join Microsoft.
  • It's my first month in MS, too. Though I'm just a v-, in MS China R&D. I applyed for a MSDN blog and was refused because I'm not an FTE. Well, I do feel like what you are telling. So I said, I will be an FTE someday~~
    Enjoy working, enjoy bloging!
  • I found realtor.com and windermere.com to be both very useful.  Of course, after you arrive, you definetly want to work with an agent.  I worked with Shari Jansen of Coldwell Banker Bain, she was awesome.

    I chose Kirkland because of Kirkland downtown, being close to the water and because of the proximity to Microsoft.  It's worked out very well and I have no regrets.  

    Knowing more about the area, and given where I'm at in life (young, no kids, very active) my first choice would still be Kirkland, second choice of Bellevue and third choice, Redmond.  

    Redmond and Bellevue are probably more convenient from a shopping point of view but being close to Kirkland downtown is a big plus for me.

    Good luck with your move!
  • It's the best game in the word and i like the idear of a rill war  that you can play
  • I like Petzold's take.

    I got to play around with WPF this weekend. One of its big wins, outside of its graphics capabilities, is dynamic layout. It's super-easy to build things like collapsible lists inside of WPF, thanks to its support for hidden vs. collapsed elements.

    I think that many real-world app builders will end up relying in the short term on using WPF/WinForms Integration to incorporate WPF features into their WinForms apps, rather than vice versa. But time will tell.
  • Jim has posted the results of his recent inquiry on this subject as well as some other goodness...
  • Brian walks through the history of the implementation of grab handles and snaplines in the designer,...
  • I like see the pics,

  • No more feature requests JIM!
  • So, you're saying it has to be easy enough to use like this?
  • I know Microsoft encourages it's employees to try to solve problems outside their normal work flow, but you need to know your limits.
  • [The real reason for the recent Vista delay]
    You deleted the Windows Vista source code?
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