May, 2008

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    Thank you for your feedback on Silverlight Control Licensing


    Recently a posted a set of questions around Silverlight Control licensing.  I was really happy with the number of responses I got.  Thank you all for replying.

    To give you an idea of what the responses were like:

    • 15/17 Control Vendors license their controls
      • 15/15 write their own LicenseProvider or roll their own system (no surprise here but we wanted to validate that the LicFileLicenseProvider was not being used)
      • 13/15 perform design time validation
      • 13/15 perform runtime validation
    • 10/17 indicated that not having licensing support in Silverlight would affect their level of investment in Silverlight controls.

    Thanks again for the responses, the data really helps us to make better decisions.

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