I am very happy to announce the availability of the new "May 2005 CTP" release of the Microsoft DSL Tools. You can find the download page here.

The highlights of this release are:

  • Support for Visual Studio Beta 2.
  • New features for the model explorer and property browser in the generated designers.   
  • New shape type with collapsible compartments like in the Visual Studio Class Designer.
  • New text templating (code generation) engine with richer features like an include directive.

In addition to that we made a lot of improvements of the DSL Tools. For example you will notice a much better performance of the code generation. We have updated the walkthrough documents and added another walkthrough for the new features. The download contains a document that shows the migration of existing designer solutions to the new release. 

Please provide feedback about this release using the MSDN product feedback center. A updated list of known issues, defects, and suggested workarounds can be found here.

Have fun building designers with our latest DSL Tools!