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November, 2005

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    What more can you add to a Microsoft Word?

    This is a common question for all of the Microsoft Office applications, but particularly so for Word. It's a close relative to the question, "Aren't you finished with Word yet?" Recently one of my nephews visited from Oklahoma. After seeing the Microsoft...
  • Joe Friend

    New Office "12" file format news

    If you haven’t made your way to Brian Jones’ blog, do so immediately. He’s announced some very exciting news Microsoft’s plans to standardize the new Microsoft Open XML formats . Also, Scoble has an interview with Jean Paoli regarding the news. We...
  • Joe Friend

    Beta 1 Ships...

    Okay, okay. Office 12 beta 1 shipped. I’ve procrastinated as long as possible, but now I’ve really got to start sharing about all the amazing stuff we’ve done in Word 12. So, without futher ado I will start posting. Really. You’ll see stuff soon. I...
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