Chris introduced John Edwards by begging the audience to be nice. This could be interesting.

The Senator says he came to listen, not to make a speech. So, Marc Canter is taking him up on it. Marc is very focused on cojones today. Marc described himself as a 3rd generation "red diaper" baby (meaning he, his parents and his grandparents are communists). He wants a democrat who is willing to take a stand on important issue and not waffle. Lot's of random political statements and questions follow.

Chris is trying to get people to focus on tech issues:

  • Concerns about spying and privacy issues
  • Concerns about net neutrality
  • What are the big changes coming in politics (it was blogs in the last election, maybe)

The Senator's web site has a lot of very interesting stuff. He's a very attractive and appealing person. It will be interesting to watch him.