The January issue of Xchange Magazine, a telecommunications industry publication, presents a number of articles on cloud computing for the telecommunications industry.  XChange_coverSince no other industry faces as profound transformation from cloud computing the way telecommunications does, this is a extremely relevant topic for 2009 - the fact that they put me on the cover has no bearing on this opinion.  

With the recent innovations in wireless, computer, and web operating platforms combined with the evolution of broadband and wireless networks - not to minimize the fact that these platforms and networks will need to be managed, the options for technical innovation in telecommunications are as wide open as they have ever been.  With all of the possibilities presented to the industry, the only point of clarity in telecommunications is that the convergence of applications on disparate devices combined with services hosted in the cloud hold the future of one of the oldest technology industries. 

The details that are not as clear are things like how the FCC will address pertinent issues like net neutrality - especially the open access provisions, and spectrum allocation from the broadcast networks - the "white space" debate.  The current economic downturn and the amount of capital that has disappeared from the markets will also have an impact as to rate of implementation of these new technologies.

My personal  CaaS experience, as an architect on Avaya's Hosted IP Telephony program, never came to fruition.  But seeing CaaS platforms like IntelePeer's AppworX and service delivery platforms being developed by network equipment providers and network service providers makes me feel good that the vision that I spent a good portion of my career working on realizing will come to reality in a short timeframe.  Hopefully, 2009 will be the year that this paradigm shift gains momentum.

The articles on cloud computing that are in this issue of Xchange


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