Ribbit for Silverlight (R4SL) was a collaborative project between Microsoft and BT’s Ribbit subsidiary.  I mention R4SL below at the Ribbit Spawn event.   R4SL is a set of drag/drop Silverlight controls that make it easy for Designers/Developers to create communications enabled applications and web sites.  R4SL has been released and is ready for developers to download and use.

In order to make it easier to understand R4SL and for developers to understand how to use the controls, Ribbit, Microsoft and Neudesic (the company that developed the controls) collaborated on a series of videos.  The initial video posted here shows a conversation between Crick Waters, EVP from BT-Ribbit and (a somewhat caffeinated) me.  The rest walk through the Ribbit for Silverlight controls from a developer perspective.