I will be speaking at the Broadband World Forum in Paris on October 28th.  If you will be in attendance and would like to speak with me about Telecommunications and /or Cloud Computing please let me know.  My abstracts are:

12:30 Microsoft Developer Network & Azure Cloud Case Study

    • What are the technical trends that support cloud computing? What are the various attributes of cloud computing? What are network service providers doing in the cloud today?
    • What is Windows Azure? What cloud computing scenarios does Windows Azure support today? Tomorrow?
    • What approach did Microsoft take when defining their development environments for the cloud?
    • What did Microsoft leverage from their experience in recruiting developers for desktop and enterprise applications? What are the differences in cultivating a cloud community from the one taken for desktop/enterprise developers?
    • What is Microsoft’s approach to standards for cloud application developers? What standards should network service providers offering cloud services be considering? How are Microsoft partners leveraging this approach to expand their developer communities?
    • Why did the companies featured in the Azure case study choose Azure? What benefits did they derive from Azure?
    • Open Q/A

Joe Hofstader

Senior Platform Evangelist, Communications & Cloud Computing


12:50 Panel Discussion: Competing on Developer Experience

    • How competitive is today’s market for revenue-producing, open API services delivered over the Internet? How do your company’s (or your operator clients’) differentiate its APIs in a flat-world Internet market?
    • Many operators want to offer unique functionality and feature in their APIs as opposed to standardized. What the balancing considerations in this debate?
    • We seen a lot of enabler API business for mobile communications messaging and charging APIs go through aggregator players in the middle. Is that trend changing and going direct? Will this dynamic happen for cloud computing APIs?
    • Is there a strategic linkage between attracting apps into app stores, and using these developer relationships to create demand and monetized usage of API services?
    • What role do clear terms and conditions and pricing for service policies play in attracting developers to develop programs, and demand for open API services?
    • Where do developers or open API customers commonly require the most costly support and interaction from a service provider business process?
    • Should on-boarding processes be standardized to help developers work directly with more service providers? Is this an area for competitive differentiation?
    • What role do common descriptions of services, metadata, and service catalogs play for developers?
    • What has Apple’s success with attracting content from media companies and developers taught us? How do other service providers differentiate from Apple’s developer experience?

Interactive Q&A with session attendees

Moderator: Stephen Fleece, TM Forum

Olivier Perrault, Deputy Director of API / Telco 2.0 Business Unit, Orange

Stephane Lebas, Director of Applications and Smartphone, SFR

Laura Merlin, VP of Developer Platform/Programs, Alcatel-Lucent

Joseph Hofstader, Senior Platform Evangelist, Microsoft Azure