Welcome to my blog. I'll start with the conventional introductory stuff: I'm a (relatively) new addition to the CLR team, working on the SSCLI as a Program Manager. I'm from the Land Down Under, and I'm a product of the good folks at the Queensland University of Technology. I live in Building 42 with the other CLR geeks, some of which are listed to your right.

This blog will be about all things Rotor and a dash of Product CLR. I hope to contribute a lot of useful info about the process we're going through to get the next release out the door, plus a bunch of technical ramblings for good measure. More importantly, as an opening act, let me announce my first contribution to the blogging world - the revival of the ``Peter Drayton Blog(tm)''. Yes - I can be attributed, in part, to the sudden reduction of bandwidth that you will experience as a result of the traffic increase to Peter's place on the 'net. I work with Peter on Rotor - so I'll be in charge of prodding for regular posts that enlighten and entertain.

Meanwhile, go and download V1. Untar, build, make a cup of coffee and play.