I figured I'd write a small, somewhat unofficial post about Rotor V2 (Rotor Whidbey). For those that missed the PDC this year, there was a Rotor BoF (Birds of Feather) session in which Brad Abrams talked a little about the next Rotor release. Yes, there is going to be a Rotor Whidbey that's based on the Whidbey CLR sources. Yes, there is a team of people dedicated to shipping and supporting Rotor. Yes, the CLR team owns it.
We're expecting something similar to the Rotor V1 release: a cross platform implementation of the ECMA CLI standard and the ECMA C# standard (the new generics stuff included). It is hoped that we ship Rotor some small delta of time after the official Whidbey product release. What we'll ship is still somewhat loosely defined, but I'll make sure I keep this blog up to date with the latest.  
Hopefully this is as exciting for you guys as it is for me. With Microsoft investing so heavily in managed code, it's a perfect opportunity to see ``under the hood'' to what will be the basis of so many of our products.

If you've ever wondered how the magic happens, you can now just: "use the source Luke"...  Sorry ;)