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January, 2004

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    hello, world... Reflection.Emit style!

    Before I head home, I thought I'd post up your typical “Hello, World” style app in Reflection.Emit . ~20 lines of C# code, not too bad for code generation of a Console.WriteLine. For those who don't know what Reflection.Emit is, or what it...
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    Short notes on the Rotor JIT

    I wrote some notes on the Rotor JIT before I started at Microsoft. My intention was to play around and figure out how to replace or extend it, perhaps giving Rotor the ability to spit out processor extension specific code (MMX, 3dNow! etc). I never did...
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    Understanding the nuts and bolts of the CLR

    I noticed Andrew Stopford posted a great blog entry about what books are out there for learning the in's and out's of the CLR. Another resource you may want to consider, is the CLR source code itself - Rotor! What better way to understand the nuts and...
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    RFP 2.0 - deadline extended

    The Rotor RFP deadline is now the 30th of January, please make sure you get your submissions in before then. If anyone has any questions about the program, if your particular area of research is suited, or anything RFP related - feel free to place a comment...
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