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February, 2004

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    C# command line FTP server

    I've been working on a command line driven managed FTP server for the past few weekends. Something fun I've been doing on my off-time. Feel free to check it out:
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    Explanatory notes on Rotor's Garbage Collector

    I'm posting a document written by Patrick Dussud (who's an architect on the CLR team) about Rotor's GC. The first release of Rotor had a simplified GC that was polled by the FJIT (usually done at the point of a call), which is massively different to the...
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    Creating delegate types via Reflection.Emit

    There's been a few questions on various newsgroups asking for the code sequence for generating a delegate type at runtime. I've cooked up a bit of code which illustrates the various attribute parameters that you need to pass to the Reflection.Emit builders...
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    FCalls and GC Holes

    A quick heads up, Yun Jin has posted a nice addition to my previous post on adding an FCall to the Rotor source. He goes on to explain a little bit about the GC and GC holes - which is exactly what he works on all day - he's a GC Hole man. Unbelievable...
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