2 months since my last post? – Yeah I know, I’ve been very busy lately with Whidbey CLR commitments. I'll have two posts today – a quick postmortem on TechEd AU/NZ, and a post on various metadata related API’s developers are able to consume. They're kind of related... trust me.


AU/NZ TechEd 2004:

I took a trip down under to Australia and New Zealand for TechED 2004. The event was a great success, and I was very impressed by the colourful array of people I got to chat with – Mitch Denny, Greg Low, Frank Arrigo, my old research pals Richard and Doug, Bernard Oh, Nick Wienholt, Steve Riley, Peter Stanski and many more. So much fun hearing what these people work on, and then the heated debates that follow as to why the runtime doesn’t support this and that. I especially enjoyed the geek dinner in Canberra, which in traditional aussie style, ended up being a booze up at a local pub.


It seems that my “CLR Under the hood” talk was the most popular from the two talks I presented. I had a lot of questions afterwards about my metadata slides, which I suspect stems from the various research and third party products that are coming out based on metadata analysis and manipulation. I did promise in the talk to post up the big Visio diagram that I had in one slide that lays out metadata table dependencies, which is why this post has a follow up post on metadata - told you they were related. :)


I didn't manage to get any photos from the event, so if an attendee catches this post somehow, and has some photos he/she would like to share, please send them on through, I'd love to see them, and share them with some other CLR folk.


On to the next post...