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May, 2006

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I'm a Program Manager working on the Developer Solutions team in Developer Division at Microsoft.  I work on Power Toys for Visual Studio, the MSDN Forums, and making sure that customers get answers to their questions by sending out divisional spam mail every two weeks.  I love to hear from people--but use the "email me" form if you do--it doesn't get caught by my spam filter.

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    TFS Administration Tool 1.0 Released...with Shared Source!

    It's been a long road, but it's finally happened...the first version of the Team Foundation Server Administration Tool has been released to the web! The TFS Admin Tool allows a TFS Administrator to quickly add, delete, and modify permissions for TFS users across the three platforms that TFS utilizes: Sharepoint, SQL Reporting Services, and TFS itself. First of all, thanks and kudos should go to Kannan Sundararajan who developed the project and Sara Ford, who......
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    Coffee Culture (How Microsofties Know I'm Not From Seattle)

    When I first came out to the Redmond campus of Microsoft during my internship, I was really confused. As most people know, Microsoft gives the famous "free drinks" privilege--on every floor of pretty much every building, there are a couple beverage fridges...
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    Why My iPod Still Hasn't Been Sold...

    Well, time for a little bit of backtracking. :) A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about why I sold my iPod. The title of the post was a little bit preemptive...my iPod Photo was still sitting in a box that I hadn't unpacked yet since my move to Seattle. I hadn't used my iPod in over six months, and all I needed to do was put in on eBay and sell it......
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    New Forums Features!

    Josh scooped me to the story , but yesterday the Microsoft.com team released a service pack for the forums that deploys a few new features and fixes. Check out his blog post for the full run down. My favorite new feature, at least as far as taking...
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    Dealing with N00bs on the MSDN Forums

    One of the most fun parts of my work with the MSDN Forums has been working some of the most passionate, smart customers we have in Developer Division—the forum moderators. The moderators are usually thinking about a month or two ahead of Josh and me,...
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