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June, 2006

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I'm a Program Manager working on the Developer Solutions team in Developer Division at Microsoft.  I work on Power Toys for Visual Studio, the MSDN Forums, and making sure that customers get answers to their questions by sending out divisional spam mail every two weeks.  I love to hear from people--but use the "email me" form if you do--it doesn't get caught by my spam filter.

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    Best Practice Analyzer for ASP.Net Alpha Released!

    One of the most difficult parts of ASP.Net 2.0 application creation is configuring your site correctly. It’s easy enough to actually set the settings, but how do you know the settings are correct? What are the best practices for ASP.Net site configuration, and how do you check that your site is following those practices?......
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    Forums Threads – Just One More Question…

    This morning I had the opportunity to present to a group of community leads for the Windows Server some of the things we’re doing over in Developer Division around community. Of course, I spent a bit of time talking about forums and how they’ve been working...
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    Using MusicBridge to Sync Windows Media Player with iTunes

    In my previous post about migrating from iTunes to Windows Media Player, I mentioned a small applet called MusicBridge to sync the metadata between the two program's libraries. I wasn't extremely clear on how to use the applet, and I've received a couple of mails and comments asking about exactly how to use MusicBridge......
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    Closing the Visual Studio General Forum

    All good things must come to an end. Well, that, and all pretty lousy things must come to an end as well. J About two weeks ago, the internal team that “owns” the Visual Studio General forum came to me with a problem. “The Visual Studio General forum...
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    Moving from iTunes to Windows Media Player (and what’s up with album art?)

    In preparation for my big media player move from my iPod Photo to a new Toshiba Gigabeat S Portable Media Center, it was time for me to say goodbye to iTunes and hello to Windows Media Player 11. Moving a music library between media players can be a painful process, so I thought I’d share how I was able to migrate my library, including my song ratings, to the new player using one awesome app: MusicBridge......
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    MVP Identification on the Forums

    I've had the pleasure of meeting many, many super-smart people in my year or so of working here at Microsoft. Some of the most passionate and excellent people I've gotten to deal with aren't Microsoft employees--they are a special group of customers known...
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    Finding the Good Stuff on the Forums

    I recently had the opportunity to attend the Online Community Camp run by Forum One Communications in San Francisco this past week, a gathering of people throughout the industry that were involved in some way connecting people using the power the Internet...
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