A short introduction is required.

My name is Joe Nalewabau (JoeN was a great email address for me to get at Microsoft) and I've been a Program Manager (PM) on the C# team since April 1999, which for those of you who are counting meant that I couldn't publicly talk about my job for about a year until we announced .NET and C# at the PDC in 2000.

During the last 4.5 years I have had several jobs on the C# team:

  • C# Compiler PM
  • C# IDE PM
  • C# Debugger PM
  • Lead Debugger PM
  • C# GPM (Group Program Manager)

It's probably safe to say that I know a fair bit about the product, so if there is a C# feature you really like then I was a key contributor to it, and if there is part that you hate then I haven' t had a chance to look at it :-)

I've recently moved back into an individual role on the C# team and have great pleasure running around the product creating trouble in many different places (just ask the PMs that I work with). I' m really drawn to IDE issues, especially editor features so I'll probably spend a fair bit of time talking about editor features and thoughts about things we have done, are thinking about etc.

For those of you interested my surname is Fijian and when we meet don't be put off by my Australian accent. Being a C# PM is the best job that I have ever had, but I do have a life outside Microsoft and I'll post some stuff that I find interesting (I might even throw in some commentary about living in the States).