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March, 2004

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    TechEd 2004 (May 23-28)

    Anson and I are sharing a session at Tech Ed 2004 . We'll be talking about some of the IDE features in Whidbey for C# developers. A number of members of the C# team will be presenting as well, you can search for session information at: http://www.msteched...
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    iTunes and Microsoft MultiMedia Keyboards can live together!

    I have an iPod and was just living with the fact that I couldn't control iTunes with the Media control keys on my wireless keyboard at work. Finally I had enough and looked for answers and thanks to this post it turns out we have updated the IntelliType...
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    Default Namespace and folders

    Most of my time is spent on Whidbey and Anson and I have been working on the project templates and the add item templates for Whidbey. One of the issues we are currently looking at is the need for namespace entries in the code that gets generated when...
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    Turning off Dynamic Help in VS 2002/2003

    Anssi made a comment on my blog that reflects some general feedback I've had from various users about the Dynamic Help: Someone on comments already asked this, but i couldn't notice a response. Can you turn dynamic help permanently off (won't come...
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    Anson is now blogging

    Anson (my current partner in crime on the C# profile) is now blogging.
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