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May, 2004

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    My Tech Ed Presentation is over!

    Well my presentation at TechEd is over and it all went well. All the demos worked (perhaps a bit slowly at times) but I think people got a feel for the C# IDE enhancements that we are doing. As soon as we can I’ll post the demos and slides to the...
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    TechEd 2004 - Tempting the demo gods!

    TechEd has started! This means that I’ll be nervous until my presentation on Thursday! I’m not nervous about showing off individual features because they are great and I’ve been working on them or with them for a while now, I’m...
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    Back from vacation and ready for TechEd 2004

    I'm back from vacation, refreshed and ready for the TechEd 2004! I'm just about to meet with Anson and talk about our presentation “Visual C# 2005: IDE Enhancements for the C# Developer”. We will be demo heavy and if there is a feature you...
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