In my first public Microsoft presentation (PDC 2000) I made a bet that I have lived to regret.

At PDC 2000 we had very early bits of .NET and VS so it was a little bit of a minefield to demo. I had at least 4 demos during my 1 hour session but I was pretty confident about them much to the surprise of my fellow presenters. In fact I was so confident that I made a bet with some of them:

  • If all my demos went well and the product didn't crash then they would fly me back to Seattle business class, BUT
  • If any of my demos failed I would have to do 10 pushups for every failed demo. Oh and the pushups needed to be done on stage during Q&A!

Luckily everything went well during the session and I did indeed fly back to Seattle in business class (which when flying from Orlando is well worth it). Unfortunately the punishment part of the equation has stuck with me so now whenever I do a public presentation I have the 10 pushups sitting over my head!.

Well it finally happened! I was doing a demo for a client in New York this week and the product crashed on me! At the end of the session I did the 10 pushups while the clients kept count for me!. I suppose I am getting fitter :-)