I wanted to share some news about a fairly major decision I've made. I'm going to be joining the XNA team starting Monday, August 9.

I'm incredibly proud of the C# team and the C# product. During the last five years I’ve held every PM position on the C# team so I know how special every part of this product is and I’ve also had the privilege of repeatedly randomizing many of the people on the team :-). It’s been a fantastic experience to be part of the C# team - it’s not often you get to be part of a team creating a world class programming language and development environment.

One of the benefits that a PM has is meeting lots of customers. Over the last 5 years I have met a LOT of customers and it's always interesting, fun and challenging. C# customers are very smart people and it's a great challenge to build a tool that gets out of their way and allows them to build great software. So thanks for being such great customers!

Obviously this means that I won't be blogging about C# as much but there are lots of great C# blogs to get your C# fix from - http://msdn.microsoft.com/vcsharp/team/blogs/default.aspx.

Oh and Luke and Anson are now looking after the C# Keybindings :-)!