I moved my main laptop over to Vista about two months ago and overall I'm really happy with the switch (I have been using Vista on my second machine for much longer on various builds available inside the company).

I really like Vista, it has major upgrades all over the place, way too many to list here. With every upgrade I not only see the major changes but I tend to pay attention to the smaller aspects that change how I work everyday. Some of the smaller things that I have noticed are:

  • Renaming a file. Renaming a file in File Explorer only selects the file name and not the file extension. In XP when you rename the file, both the file name and file extension are selected so you have to carefully select just the file name before typing. Most of the time you are simply changing the file name so Vista makes this nice and easy.
  • Moving files. On many occasions I move a bunch files from one folder to another. Sometimes I have multiple File Explorer windows open and they tend to overlap a lot. Vista now has a cool feature that shows you the destination as part of the drag animation, it certainly makes it clear where the files are going and whether they are being copied or moved.  
  • Networking. It's a lot simpler. I love the fact that when I go to a coffee shop or plug in at a hotel, it detects the network and presents me with a choice of network types (home, work, public) and adjusts the security settings based on what I choose.
  • File Explorer Location Bar. I love the new explorer location bar! At first it was a little different from what I was used to but now I can't live without it. Its cool to be able to select a specific location in a path name without having to manually edit a path.
  • Gaming. Gaming is vastly improved with Vista. I would rarely swap out from a game to do something in Windows XP because the overall performance when switching back and forth wasn't the best. This has dramatically improved in Vista, I now happily swap out on those long flight routes in Wow to check thottbot for information about the quests I am on.

I know a lot of these seem trivial but I've been really impressed by Vista. One of my machines has Windows XP on it and every time I swap to it I miss Vista type features.