Relatively old news (well 12 hours to be exact) but we shipped the first version of XNA Game Studio Express today. Michael has some information about it here.

Shipping always makes me a little reflective and I wanted to share the fact that I have been a PM at Microsoft for over 7 years and have worked on two products:

  • C#
  • XNA Game Studio Express

 I've had a lot of the different PM positions on these teams but it's amazing that I have "only" worked on two products.

I joined the C# team as the first full-time PM working on the C# compiler. The team at the time was around 8 people, 4 developers and 4 QA. I remember thinking at the time about the responsibility of bringing a new programming language to the world and we worked hard over the years to make sure that we had a world class solution that developers loved.

A few years ago I started to look around for a new challenge inside Microsoft. I wasn't expecting to find something that would change things as fundamentally as C# but along came XNA. Yet again I was the first PM on the team and over the last two years we've done a lot of listening and learning from people in the game industry. Now we are releasing XNA Game Studio Express and I'm as proud of it as I was of C#.

One of the things I love about working on development tools or frameworks is that they provide a platform for you to build incredible things. Our new tag line "Your World, Your Game" really captures our intention with the product.

Everyone has a great game idea but most don't have the tools to build it. I hope that XNA Game Studio Express gives you the tools that allows you to build that game you have always wanted to build.