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April, 2007

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    XNA GSE Game: The Dishwasher : Dead Samurai

    One of the guys on the team just forwarded a great video from a GSE game "The Dishwasher : Dead Samurai". It looks amazing and I love the visual style. It's great to see games like this popping up from the community. I think the Dream Build Play...
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    Which Visual Studio version will you use?

    I didn't get a lot of responses to my previous XNA Game Studio Express blog entry (perhaps because I let this blog die to inactivity:-() but I thought I'd try to spice things up with a different Visual Studio focused question. As we finish up the refresh...
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    20 seconds of pain!

    I've been suffering from a very painful audio problem on Vista. Towards the end of all my songs the sound would suddenly start to skip and the sound would be very jittery for the last 20 seconds or so. Initially I put it down to driver issues but after...
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    XNA Game Studio Express and Visual Studio

    Customers have used our product forums and Microsoft Connect to tell us that adding support for all versions of Visual Studio (Standard, Professional, etc) is a major feature they would like in the next major release of XNA Game Studio Express. Delving...
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    Flying High at 70!

    It was a dark and gloomy night in Netherstorm when FJ (Rogue) and Devnul (Druid) escorted a poor wanderer on his appointed task. After a short walk, a great battle was engaged and after the dust had settled the Invasion Point Gate was finally closed....
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