Customers have used our product forums and Microsoft Connect to tell us that adding support for all versions of Visual Studio (Standard, Professional, etc) is a major feature they would like in the next major release of XNA Game Studio Express.

Delving into the feedback there are some consistent asks for specific features. The most common asks are:

  1. Expanded debugging functionality.  People want to use some advanced debugging features not available in Express (more debugger windows (threads etc), different breakpoint functionality (conditional, tracepoints etc) etc).
  2. Source Code Control. People want to be able to check their projects into source code control.
  3. Profiling information for Xbox 360 games. People want to get a better idea about the performance of their game on Xbox 360.

We are definitely investigating these areas and more but I wanted to extend an invitation to anyone to send me mail or add a comment about any specific Visual Studio feature they want to use while creating a game. I'll gather the feedback and make sure that we incorporate it into our planning.

Fire away!