It’s been a long time since I last blogged, but with the New Year I have decided to start up again. I want to blog about things I find interesting especially about things outside of the direct products I work on – more along the lines of personal productivity as well as general presentation related information.

A little update about what has been happening with me. After having a good run with the XNA Community Platform team, I left and went back to the Developer Division and helped start up the tools for Windows Azure. It was a great experience working with the Azure team as they developed the platform, building tools for a moving platform has some unique challenges:-).

In the middle of 2008, I made a fairly big change and moved to work for Microsoft’s Developer Division in Shanghai (part of STB China). I am now the DevDiv China GPM working with all our teams here delivering technology as part of Visual Studio 2010. This of course was a big change for my family and I quickly learnt that a family of 5 with three boys is often commented on as you walk down the street (“san ge erzi!”).

To restart the blog I thought I might share some pictures of the new campus we have moved into. After a long wait we have finally got a brand new Microsoft specific campus in Shanghai:

Here I am taking some photos:


Some pictures of one of the entrances and lobby:


Here is my office and the view from the window:

   IMG_1271_Vga  IMG_1270_Vga IMG_1276