I have quite a long commute to work which means that my Zune HD is an essential part of my day Personally I think that the Zune HD is an awesome experience - the hardware and software are simply outstanding and everyone that I have shown the device to has been very impressed. I have a Zune Original and it’s more important to me than my phone!

I currently subscribe and listen to about 25+ podcasts which keeps me quite busy (but also happy) during my commute. When people hear that I have a lot of podcasts they usually ask what they are. Well here they are:

Must Haves

General News

Work Related

  • You can’t go past Channel 9 for information about Microsoft technologies.
  • Manager Tools (zune) for some great information about how to be a better manager.


Sometimes I just want to relax and laugh, so I listen/watch:



Music for the Gym

Two of the podcasts below were not specifically done for working out at the gym, but they really work well there!

What’s happening in Australia