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  • Blog Post: Forced Blog (aka Flog)

    I came up with a term the other day when I was talking to some people about blogging. I'm still getting used to blogging (making time to blog, what is something reasonable to blog about etc) but I was talking to some people at TechEd (some Microsoft, some not) who were complaining about feeling like...
  • Blog Post: Stop the Madness - Tabify, Untabify, Uniqueify, Winningest, Undefeateds

    OK - I've had enough of the made up words and spelling madness. Like most people I make up words sometimes but it is getting out of control - in life, on Sports Center, and in Visual Studio. I'm not the world's best speller but sometimes you need to hold the line. Here's the latest round of made up...
  • Blog Post: Movie Recommendation - WhaleRider

    I watched WhaleRider the other night and it was great. A lot of films coming out of New Zealand really appeal to me, I think it's because I'm half Australian, half Fijian so the whole “Pacific Islander” angle rings true to me. My father now lives on a remote island in Fiji and his traditional...
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