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    Option Auction!

    I made a comment about the state of VS options in a previous post and thought it would be interesting to see which options: People had no idea what the option actually did? People understood the option but had no idea why someone would change...
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    Options, Options Everywhere

    One of the things that I have been working on lately is relay looking at Visual Studio and trying to trim down it's overall size and complexity. I can't talk a lot about what I am working on but I'm sure a lot of you can relate to the problem: ...
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    Stop the Madness - Tabify, Untabify, Uniqueify, Winningest, Undefeateds

    OK - I've had enough of the made up words and spelling madness. Like most people I make up words sometimes but it is getting out of control - in life, on Sports Center, and in Visual Studio. I'm not the world's best speller but sometimes you need to...
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    Movie Recommendation - WhaleRider

    I watched WhaleRider the other night and it was great. A lot of films coming out of New Zealand really appeal to me, I think it's because I'm half Australian, half Fijian so the whole “Pacific Islander” angle rings true to me. My father...
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    How to you complete?

    One of the things that I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about and discussing with different people is how customers complete their selections in IntelliSense. You know the drill, you re typing away in VS and the IntelliSense list pops up...
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    A short introduction is required. My name is Joe Nalewabau (JoeN was a great email address for me to get at Microsoft) and I've been a Program Manager (PM) on the C# team since April 1999, which for those of you who are counting meant that I...
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