Sometimes it's frustrating to work for Microsoft and speak to developers for a living. I understand that sensationalism sells press, and the press has has gotten a great deal of mileage out of bashing Microsoft and second-guessing Bill G. and Steve B. at every turn during the past few years. ... but if you REALLY wanna spark things up - say MONO to a Linux Developer. A few weeks ago at an MSDNEvent I was asked my opinion about The MONO Project After a day of hard work, my response earned me a customer evaluation of 1 (the lowest possible score). I basically said, "I think MONO is technically cool, but is an unlicensed activity, which makes it a poor choice for business use. Now I'm not an MS-Cool-aid guy. All you have to do is listen to one of my PHP web-casts to understand that I predicate my feelings about technologies based on MY perception and that I work for Microsoft BECAUSE of those feelings - not in spite of them. While I agree that much of the intellectual property protection system in this country (USA) is problematic, I believe in the right to "own" your own inventions. MONO is NOT an implementation of the Shared Source offerings from Microsoft. It IS reverse engineering. Click here to read what Amanda Morgan, Group Product Manager, Microsoft Global Positioning had to say about MONO.