My buddy Carl Franklin (Author, Trainer, Geek Radio Celeb, and Start-Up Business Wiz) sort of skipped the blogging craze and jumped right to the excitement around all the different ways to broadcast audio over the net. (This was probably an intuitive connection for Carl due to his life of music accomplishments,

Anyway, after a recent conversation on the audio thing, he has me jazzed on the idea and I’m doing research.

While I might do something technically related (Thom Robbins and I have discussed a developer focused radio show – less entertaining that DotNetRocks )  but since everyone needs a life outside of the job, my other thing is training kickboxers like this guy.

So a a friend and I have been kicking around the idea of a weakly talk radio show, – not that I could make the time to actually do it, but the technology is cool !

A few links….