I’ve been doing alot of research on impact of various electoric information delivery.

I hope many of you blog readers will comment or email me as to yoru interest. (Please specify if you are a Microsoft employee.)

  • Do you, or will you, listen to PodCasts / AudioBlogs ?
  • Do you or will you listed to VideoCasts / Video Blogs ?
  • Do you prefer one over the other (or ALL) ?
  • Where are you most likely to listen to Pocasts ? 
  • How will you listen to Podcasts (PC, iRiver, iPod, CD, etc.) ?
  • How will you watch Video Blogs (PC, Portable Media Player) ?
  • What Blog Reader do you use ?
  • What Podcast Reader do you use ?
  • What is your favorite Podcast?
  • Do you lsten to DotNetRocs?

Many Thanks in advance !!