What's in a name anyway ?

My recent posts have made it clear that I think Apple has done very interesting work with the iPod. (I recently read an article that since the introduction of the iPod Apple desktop use is up 400,000.)

There has been some banter going about that suggests PodCast is a dirty word at Microsoft becuase it began with the use of iPods as listening the device.

If you share this opposition, let me offer a different explination of the word PODCAST.

Dictionary.com offer the following definition as one of 13 for POD.

- P.O.D. /P-O-D/ [rare] Acronym for `Piece Of Data'

For the worcd CAST Dictionary.com offer this definition as one of 1o.

- Cast - To bestow; confer to.

Therefore, the word PODCAST has nothing to do with Apple Corporation, but rather simply means...

PODCAST: To bestow or confer a Piece of Data :)

It works for me.