Linus Torvalds -  “Free & Open” hypocrite.

Ok, if you’re a Linux zealot get ready to be pissed off.

The Inquirer reported Friday that Linux godfather Linus Torvalds has sent 90 letters to Austrilian companies demanding payment of $5000 dollars each for use of the “Open and Free” Linux.

It turns out that, like so many Linux bigots, others should give their ideas away, but they wanna get paid for their own.

Linux advocates often espouse philanthropic dialog in order to demonize Microsoft for its “for profit” charter in an attempt to create the “warm and fuzzies” for their business model. (Often in the absence of any technical or financial superiority.)

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get paid for your ideas and there is nothing wrong with wanting to KEEP the rights to your own brain work.

What I think sucks is when some like Linus uses a philosophy to vilify the competition, fuel his own status, and then proves to be primarily motivated by his own financial gain.

As I said before I joined Microsoft, and I continue to say now that I’m on the Microsoft team, repeated business success is the best premise on which to make decisions.

$450,000 should feed Linus for a little while. ($5000 per company from 90 companies.)

I wonder what the next set of bills and lawsuits from the “Free and Open” guys will be.

Good thing those Linux guys aren’t interested in money :)