So I admit it. After my Children, my Wife, and Microsoft, yard work just doesn’t fit into my schedule very oft. Add that to the fact that I pretty much hate doing it and procrastination starts to figure in.

Problem: My Wife is very into the “Groomed Yard” thing. When we built the house she laid out the landscaping, so I have a lawn roughly the size of a high school football field.

I’ve always resisted buying a “ride on” lawn mower. Pushing the lawn mower is the only exersize that I get these days.

This summer, while I was away on business, my Wife decided the lawn couldn’t wait until I got back and that she would mow the lawn herself.

So when I got home I took the lawn mower (the BRAND NEW lawn mower) back to Sears for repairs. The service center called the next day (I could heart the guys laughing in the background). They wanted to know “what happened to it” !

So we went back to Sears to buy ANOTHER lawn mower.

Now the idea of buying a Lawn Tractor doesn’t sit well with me. Having been single until my mid-thirties, buying a home was more responsibility than I was used to, having a home depot credit card made me a laughing stock with my friends, and buying a Mini-Van cast me into psycho-therapy.

But Sears had a big promo going on, my Wife thought it was a good idea (which means the decision was made.) My logic was that I’d by the biggest, toughest lawn tractor they had in the hopes that it would be more durable than Jill !

Having grown up on a farm, I guess I inherited a bit of farm-boy genetics, ‘cause after it was delivered I sarted thinking that I didn’t really want my Wife to hurt the tractor. So, I re-committed myself to being thegood husband and keeping the lawn mowed.

And then I discovered what the real advantage to owning a lawn tractor is (at least for guys that hate mowing the lawn.)

1.) Kids LOVE to ride. Whjich means mowing the lawn is now time I get to spend with my children.

2.) The tractor has more than twice the mower deck width and four times the horsepower of a push mower. This means that I can mow in 4th gear ans do the whole thing in about 1/3 of the time it used to take me !!!!

Smart woman my Wife !