So I was a crummy holiday blogger. December was an extreme month for me and I burnt the candle at both ends. Ultimately, I got pretty sick.


I spent the holidays catching up and engaging in my annual period of introspection. 2005 was a great year in many ways and tough year in many other ways. I worked too much, gained 25 pounds, traveled 50% of the year (away from my kids)….  Seems like a barely talked to my wife.


Life at Microsoft will do this to you if you let it. Microsoft reinvents itself every year and as I’ve gotten older I set different kinds of expectations for myself – often it seems likeI just start getting up to speed and the world changes.


In the ½ year from July 1st to December 15th I did 21 Web casts, 7 national conferences, 300 hours of miscellaneous presentations, wrote produced and appeared in a TV show, wrote content for 2 DVDs, wrote 4 magazine articles, learned the core concepts for Visual Studio 2005, SQL 2005, BizTalk 2006, 4 radio shows, desktop videos, and spent 4 weeks in team planning meetings, in addition to my regular job responsibilities.


Most of the work that I’ve done over the past year has been focused on Developer Security, but this has happened to the exclusion of my core job responsibilities. So I’ve decided to step back from the Security and “National” activities that I’ve been doing over the past few years and focus on the core activities of MSDN Events in New England.


My goals include normal work weeks on a regular basis, regularly putting my kids to bed, etc, AND starting a new business. What business ? I don’t know – but I need to do something as a creative outlet and to consume my work-a-holic tendancies.


So – If I don’t blog MORE…. Please email me to give me a hard time. J


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