I've been getting allot of questions about what I think about WindowsXP running on the new Intel Powered Macs.

I hope it works!

I've owned LOTS of laptops in my life, and I can't say that I really LOVED any of them.

I used to use Dell, but they were VERY heavy, (though I still have a couple old one and the're still chug away.

I've had a BUNCH of HPs and owning lots of HP hardware has done NOTHING to make me a fan of HP. I had an NX6110 that died twice, I have an NC8000 which has been replaced twice and had a number of problems.

I've had a couple of IBM Thinkpads. IBM makes good hardware but EXPENSIVE and not cutting edge as far as speed goes. (I currently have a n IBM Tablet on loan from the Tablet Product Group and it ROCKS !!!)

I've had 2 Gateways and was reasonably happy with both laptops. ( I have a Gateway Media Center PC which is awesome.)

I have owned 4 Toshiba's and currently have an M55 - which is my favorite Laptop to date. (My only complaint is that the screen, while a BEAUTIFUL display, is not super high resolution.)

Over than past year I've been to a number of PHP events and have looked with envy at the Apple Powerbooks.

They look SLICK and people seem to love them.

My questions are....

  •  Will there be drivers.
  • Will there be a "Right Mouse" solution
  • Will Apple or Microsoft Support Windows on the Mac
  • Will Apple OEM Windows.
  • Will there be any software compatibilities.

The new Dual Core PowerBooks start at about $2400 so until there is evidence that WindowsXP is viable for daily use on a Mac, it's still a bit of a luxury.....

But, I could tell my wife it's WORK RELATED. :)