This is Joe BEING HAPPY !

I'm THRILLED to announce that I have accepted a NEW POSITION.

On May 8th I'll be starting work as Program Manager in the Web Tools and Platform Team (Scott Guthrie's Organization) 

I'll be 100% Focused on WEB DEVELOPER COMMUNITY !!!

In addition to my normal conference tours (though now focusing exclusively on Web Technology), I'll be visiting user-groups inside and outside the USA, I'll be doing lots of "How Do I" videos and doing allot of contribution to the and websites.

I'll also be YOUR voice to the Web Tools and Products Teams !!!  (ASP.NET, IIS, Visual Web Developer, etc.)

This is a newly "created" position, so some of the detail is still un-set.

All I can say is it's gonna be a BLAST and I'm SOO thrilled to be working for Scott and with incredible tallents like Omar Khan, Stefan Schackow, Kashif Alam, and Keith Smith - as well as working more closely with guys like Brian Goldfarb and Shawn Nandi.

A HUGE thanks to Brian Goldfarb for all his help!  Brian - I OWE YOU !