So, blogging is fun, but…….

I want to build an ASP.NET Training & Educational portal.

It will be found at

I’ve deployed the site on my awesome dedicated server at MaximumASP and set up DotNetNuke version 4.0

Sidebar – DotNetNuke (DNN) is a cool app, but boy the installer sucks. (At least compared to the PHP Content Management Systems). I tried deploying a site via the DNN Starter Kit, The Binary Install, and the Source Installer. After working through the normal early few errors I got stuck on with a “Null Object” error. Since DotNetNuke seemed to install completely and successfully and upon navigating to the site it gave me the “Null Object” exception and since DNN lacked the error handling to catch the error and provide me with any meaningful information, I was stuck, the exception message from the ASP.NET runtime wasn’t very helpful.

After walking though the install instructions again (twice) line by line, the error didn’t go away.

I searched the web and found dozens off forum and blog posts of people hvingt the same issue. But, nobody seemed to have an answer.

So, I wiped out the database, deleted all the files, the ASP.NET application, and the application directory and did the whole thing over again (the sane way as the first time) and VIOLA ! It worked.

So, DNN 4.0 is up and running.

For anyone that’s interested, I’d like you to take a look at the site and make suggestions as to how I should build up the site.

1.) Content Suggestions – What articles, sections, formats, etc. would you suggest?
2.) DotNetNuke – What DNN theme & DNN extensions do you suggest?
3.) What Open Source ASP.NET projects should we initiate?

Your input will be greatly appreciated.

Just click the email/contact link to send me your input.